Apex Heating & Air Conditioning Emergency HVAC Services

Emergency Service


We know that when you have an emergency you want it fixed—NOW. So, at Apex we make all of your emergencies our top priority.

Apex doesn’t employ an answering service, so you always have a direct line to a technician; 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 356 days per year.  Whether it is Christmas, Labor Day, or New Years, our technicians are always available. So while you are waiting for a call back from that other company, an Apex tech will be knocking on your door.

All of our service calls have a flat rate diagnostic fee (we can quote you the price on the phone) and flat rate repair prices. So whether your tech is there for 1 hour or 3 hours, you don’t have to worry about the time clock nickel and diming you to death. We know that when your heating or AC goes out it’s an emergency, but we won’t take advantage of that.

Call Now 920-494-8800

Monday through Friday 8am-8pm:
$74 Diagnostic Fee

Saturday 8am-4pm:
$74 Diagnostic Fee

After Hours:
$124 Diagnostic Fee