Apex Gas Boilers


Hydronic heating is one of the most reliable and efficient ways to heat your home and Apex has several boiler experts (a.k.a. wet heads) on staff. Apex offers standard and high-efficiency boilers for single-family and multi-family homes of all sizes. To determine the best replacement system for you, your design specialist will complete a heat load calculation and ask you a variety of questions like these:

  • Are there any uncomfortable hot or cold spots?
  • Are you currently able to heat your house to the desired temperature on the coldest day of the year?
  • Approximately, what is your current monthly gas bill?
  • Do you plan to add on to your home, re-insulate or replace the windows?
  • Is your current boiler too loud?
  • Do you plan on staying in your current home for a long period of time?

Just like our furnaces and air conditioners, our Apex Signature Guarantee applies to our boilers! We are so sure that you are going to love your new boiler,  that we will take it back and return your investment within 365 days if you are unsatisfied.


Most Popular Boiler Offerings

Apex NTI Gas Boiler

APEX Signature Collection: NTI High-Efficiency Boiler
This signature series NTI high-efficiency condensing boiler reaches efficiencies of 95%. Its pioneering stainless steel down-fired concept complete with a dimpled tube design optimizes heat transfer for increased energy efficiency. Its exclusive IFlex interface makes for easy set up and color-coded alerts allow for simple troubleshooting. The 7” color touch-screen provides for basic programming and control with user-friendly screen display and options. Speak with our design specialist to see if this boiler is the right addition to your home.
Apex Crown Aruba Gas Boiler

APEX Benchmark Series: Crown Standard Efficiency Boiler
Our benchmark series Crown Aruba boiler is an 80% AFUE system featuring a cast-iron heat exchanger and built in rear draft diverter to fit in low spaces. The unit has easily accessible controls and has a one-year parts and labor warranty. A sturdy piece of equipment perfect for customers who are on a strict budget. Call today to speak with a design specialist and learn more.

Hydronic Radiant In-Floor Heat

In-floor heating is a reliable and efficient source of heat for single rooms or whole homes. Ideally, in-floor heating is installed during a remodel or new home construction. Contact our design team for details on how our in-floor radiant heat can work for you.