Repair Heating, Cooling, Furnace, Boiler, Air Conditioning, and HVAC in Green Bay, WI

Repair Services

FURNACES: Our technicians have seen a lot of furnaces! They are experts in diagnosis and repair on all brands of equipment. We even stock 90% of the parts your furnace could need right on our trucks, so typically we can make your repair immediately on-site.

AIR CONDITIONERS: Most people consider air conditioning a luxury until it stops working, then it becomes a necessity. Fortunately, our service technicians have been known to go above and beyond to get your AC working — that day!

BOILERS: Apex provides expert service, repair and installation of all brands of boilers. Our “wet heads” are some of the best in the area and are eager to help you get the most efficiency out of your boiler system. To us, a boiler system is not just a heating system, it‘s a work of art! When you experience an Apex installation, we think you’ll agree.

Our expert technicians also service and repair GEOTHERMAL SYSTEMS, HEAT PUMPS, DUCTLESS SYSTEMS and a variety of other units.