Apex Heating and Air Conditioning Equipment Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

RELAX! Know you’ve bought the best.

Apex Signature installations are like no other. Every installation includes a high-efficiency piece of equipment with a high-efficiency filter, and is backed by our exclusive LIFETIME parts and labor warranty. This is the last piece of equipment you will ever have to buy.  New advanced heating and cooling systems have many expensive components that can cost thousands of dollars to replace, but with a Signature Lifetime Warranty, you will never have to pay for repairs. As long as you are having us perform the manufacturer’s recommended annual maintenance, you are covered — forever!


Our Apex Signature Satisfaction Guarantee is our promise to you that we will perform better work, and provide you with better service than any other contractor. Within one year of your installation, if you are unsatisfied with your decision to do business with Apex, we will return to your home, remove your equipment and refund your money. Most companies have guarantees, but none of them can compare to our satisfaction guarantee. And as of today, we are happy to report that we haven’t been asked to do a de-installation ever.

The Apex Price Guarantee is a commitment to you that our price will not change. When we come to your home for a quote, we are thorough. We make sure that we give you an accurate price that we seal with a signature. If additional unforeseen work appears within the scope of the job we agreed on, we will NEVER ask you to pay more. At the end of a job, you will be paying exactly what you were quoted with no additional surprises.

We offer a Comfort Guarantee with all of our system replacements.  Many other companies skip the crucial heat load calculation step of equipment replacement, but our reps never will. We perform a heat load calculation for every installation to ensure we are sizing your system right. Oversized heating and cooling equipment runs inefficiently and fails prematurely due to short cycling. We guarantee the equipment we install in your home will heat or cool to your satisfaction or we will replace it at no charge.

Priority Service

Unfortunately, breakdowns happen; and often times they happen on the coldest and hottest days of the year. As you can imagine, when we have a spike in temperatures, our technicians are extremely busy trying to take care of every customer who needs us, and sometimes that list can seem impossibly long. After purchasing an Apex Signature System, you don’t have to worry about waiting in line for a service call again. Our Signature Priority Service is a benefit that comes in handy when you need it the most. If you are a priority service customer you will always go to the front of the line! That means no more sitting in the freezing cold or scorching heat for hours waiting for your service technician to arrive.